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The consequences of a violent crime conviction can be punishable by incarceration, involve hefty fines, and social stigma. Criminal convictions can negatively impact one’s employment prospects, ability to rent an apartment, and secure credit for loans.

When facing charges for a violent crime, seeking legal representation to protect your rights as the accused is vital. The Frisco criminal defense attorneys at Whitaker & Penix, LLC can evaluate your options, build an effective defense strategy, and advocate on your behalf. Partner Kylie Whitaker has been recognized by Super Lawyers as one of Colorado’s 2023 Rising Stars for significant professional achievement and outstanding peer reviews.

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What Constitutes a Violent Crime in Colorado?

In general, violent crimes involve criminal offenses where the use or threat of physical force is used against another person. The following crimes qualify as a violent crime under Colorado law:

What Happens if You Are Convicted of a Violent Crime?

Committing a violent crime has negative consequences for the convict by design. One of the purposes of the criminal justice system is to punish criminal offenses to deter everyone from committing such offenses. The law imposes specific punishments for violent crimes, including:

  • Imprisonment
  • Fines and restitution
  • Probation
  • Loss of rights
  • Criminal record

Besides explicit punitive measures, committing a violent crime can negatively impact an individual’s ability to function normally in society. These are known as “collateral consequences” and can harm one’s opportunities for things like:

  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Professional licensing
  • Immigration status
  • Child custody
  • Government benefits

What Are Your Legal Rights?

Because a criminal conviction can lead to severe consequences, the criminal justice system was designed to make successful convictions difficult. The accused is afforded many rights to ensure a fair opportunity to defend themselves. The legal rights of the accused include:

  • Presumption of innocence
  • Right to counsel
  • Right to a fair and public trial
  • Right to confront witnesses
  • Right against self-incrimination
  • Right to due process of the law
  • Right to a speedy trial

What Can a Frisco Criminal Lawyer Do for You?

When facing criminal charges, it is crucial to retain legal counsel to protect your rights. Although the prosecutor is bound by procedural and legal safeguards protecting the rights of the accused, it is the accused and their lawyer’s responsibility to ensure their rights are respected during legal proceedings.

A lawyer has a sophisticated understanding of the relevant laws and the legal experience to help craft an effective defense strategy. Some defenses against violent crimes include:

  • Self-defense: Actions were necessary to protect themselves from immediate harm.
  • Defense of another: The conduct in question was necessary to protect another from immediate harm.
  • Alibi: The accused was not present at the time and place where the criminal act was committed.
  • Mistaken identity: The accused was mistakenly identified as the perpetrator.
  • Insanity: The accused lacked the mental capacity to understand their actions were wrong.
  • Lack of intent: The accused lacked the requisite mental state to be found guilty of the crime.
  • Violation of due process rights: The state and its agents violated the accused’s constitutional rights during legal proceedings.

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