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Suffered a Dog Bite in Eagle County, Colorado?

Whether on your property or on another person’s, or in public spaces, you should not have to worry about being attacked by a dog. Not only are these attacks extremely frightening but dog bites can cause serious injuries.

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What To Do After a Dog Bite

After a dog bite, the most important step is for you to get the medical care you need. For minor wounds, this may include cleaning the injured area and applying a bandage to stop the bleeding. For more serious injuries, it may be necessary to see a doctor or to call 911.

To support your case, it is important to gather evidence of the incident, including taking photos of your injuries, writing down what happened and obtaining the owner’s details (if locatable). You will want the owner’s name, address and contact details in case you want to pursue legal action and to have access to the dog’s breed and vaccination history.

If you are considering taking legal action, call the skilled Eagle County personal injury attorneys at Whitaker & Penix, LLC as soon as possible so we can help you navigate the legal framework.

When To See a Doctor

For minor dog bites that do not puncture the skin, it may not be necessary to see a doctor. Home care treatment, including cleaning and bandaging the wound, will generally suffice. However, if the bleeding does not stop, if the dog that bit you appears to have been a stray, or if you notice any signs of infection such as warmth or swelling, call your doctor immediately for proper medical advice.

Keep records of your symptoms, including records of any doctor’s visits. As the dog owner is only liable for injuries that were a result of the dog bite, it is important to have a clear record of how your injuries developed.

Proving Negligence in a Dog Bite Case

Where a person suffers “serious injury” as a result of a dog bite, under the Colorado dog bite statute (CRS 13-21-124), the owner is immediately liable to pay compensation to the victim. However, where the injury suffered is not serious, the victim will have to prove the dog owner was negligent to receive compensation through a negligence claim.

Proving negligence requires establishing the dog owner failed to take reasonable care to prevent the event from occurring. This is fact-dependent and can depend on where the attack occurred and whether signs warning of the dog were visible, whether the dog owner had knowledge of the dog’s aggression, and the dog’s breed.

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Succeeding in a negligence case is particularly difficult given the number of legal elements that need to be established. Dog bite claims require an experienced lawyer to prove how each of the elements of a negligence claim are satisfied to make the owner liable for the victim’s injuries.

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