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Preserving Your Constitutional Rights in Breckenridge Against Meth Charges

Methamphetamine is a potent stimulant that affects the central nervous system, leading to hyper-alertness, energy, and sensations of euphoria. Classified as a Schedule II controlled substance under Colorado law, it has a high potential for abuse and limited accepted medical use. Possession, distribution, or manufacturing of methamphetamine can result in severe legal consequences, including imprisonment and fines. Individuals facing allegations associated with methamphetamine crimes require professional legal counsel. The Breckenridge drug crime lawyers at Whitaker & Penix, LLC, led by Kylie Whitaker, offer invaluable experience.

Attorney Kylie Whitaker has seven years as a criminal prosecutor and is a former assistant DA in Breckenridge. Kylie’s deep understanding of criminal defense ensures comprehensive representation for clients. With substantial experience and dedication, the lawyers at Whitaker & Penix, LLC, are equipped to defend against methamphetamine charges. Contact us at (970) 368-0602 for strategic legal counsel and advocacy.

Types of Breckenridge Meth Charges

In Colorado, methamphetamine charges can vary depending on the specific actions involved. Common charges include:

  • Possession of Methamphetamine: This charge typically applies when an individual is found to have methamphetamine in their possession for personal use. Penalties for possession may vary depending on the amount of methamphetamine involved and the individual’s criminal history.
  • Possession for Sale of Methamphetamine: If the quantity of methamphetamine in a person’s possession suggests an intent to sell or distribute rather than for personal use, they may face charges for possession for sale. Penalties for this offense are typically more severe than simple possession charges.
  • Transportation of Methamphetamine: This charge applies when an individual is found to be transporting methamphetamine from one location to another. The severity of the charge may depend on factors such as the quantity of methamphetamine being transported and whether the individual has prior convictions.
  • Sales or Distribution of Methamphetamine: Charges for sales or distribution of methamphetamine apply when an individual is involved in selling, distributing, or otherwise providing methamphetamine to others. Penalties for this offense can be severe, especially if it involves large quantities of the drug or if the individual has prior convictions.

In all cases, being convicted of methamphetamine-related charges in Summit County, Colorado can result in significant legal consequences, including fines, probation, and imprisonment.

Colorado Laws on Methamphetamine

Possession of methamphetamine can result in misdemeanor or felony charges:

  • Misdemeanor: Possession of methamphetamine within certain limits constitutes a level 1 drug misdemeanor. For instance, possessing up to four grams of Schedule II drugs or up to one gram of a substance containing fentanyl can lead to misdemeanor charges. Penalties include 6 to 18 months in county jail, fines ranging from $500 to $5,000, and probation of up to two years. Repeat offenses escalate the penalties, with a fourth or subsequent offense becoming a level 4 drug felony.
  • Felony: Possession of larger quantities of methamphetamine can result in level 4 drug felony charges. These charges include possessing more than four grams of Schedule II drugs or any amount of certain specified substances like Rohypnol or ketamine. Penalties for felony charges typically involve 6 to 12 months in prison, fines ranging from $1,000 to $100,000, and additional drug offender surcharges. Certain felony charges may be eligible for probation upon completing rehabilitation programs, while others may result in mandatory prison sentences, especially for individuals with prior felony convictions.

Defending Against Breckenridge Meth Charges

In Colorado, several potential defenses exist for methamphetamine charges. These include challenging the legality of the search or seizure leading to the arrest, questioning the accuracy of drug testing methods or measurements used to determine the quantity of methamphetamine, and arguing a lack of knowledge or ownership of the drug. Additionally, demonstrating a lack of intent to distribute or prove entrapment may serve as a viable defense. Each case is unique, and effective defense strategies require thorough investigation, legal competence, and diligent advocacy to protect the defendant’s rights and achieve the best possible outcome.

Consult Whitaker & Penix, LLC for Legal Advocacy

When facing methamphetamine charges in Breckenridge, individuals risk severe legal consequences, including imprisonment, fines, and a permanent criminal record. The outcome can impact employment, housing, and personal relationships. With so much at stake, seeking credible legal representation is crucial.

Contact Whitaker & Penix, LLC at (970) 368-0602 for a free consultation. With experienced defenses against meth-related charges, you can trust in the abilities of their Breckenridge criminal defense attorneys to safeguard your rights and pursue the best possible outcome for your case.