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How Can a Summit County Criminal Lawyer Help if You Are Facing Cocaine Charges?

You could lose more than your freedom with conviction of a felony cocaine crime. It is important to get strong representation immediately to protect your future. Our Breckenridge drug crime defense attorney can challenge every flaw in the prosecution’s case and fight aggressively to get evidence against you excluded. As former prosecutors, we have in-depth knowledge of the courts, and we can use our expertise on your behalf.

If you are facing cocaine charges in Summit County, call Whitaker & Penix, LLC today at (970) 368-0602. We can explain the charges, advise you of your options, and devise a defense strategy.

Defending Clients Facing Cocaine Charges in Breckenridge

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant, made from the leaves of the coca plant. The purified chemical, cocaine hydrochloride, has been isolated from the plant for more than a century. It was the main active ingredient in many tonics and elixirs in the early 1900s. Surgeons used it for its pain-blocking properties before synthetic local anesthetics were developed.

Why Does Law Enforcement Crack Down So Hard on Cocaine?

Research has shown that cocaine is a powerfully addictive substance that, if used repeatedly, alters brain function and structure. It is classified as a Schedule II drug, which means it has a high potential for abuse, although it does have some accepted medical uses. Physiological effects of cocaine include increased heart rate and blood pressure, dilated pupils, loss of appetite, and insomnia. Widespread use has led to serious health problems, including irregular heartbeat, heart conditions, convulsions, stroke, sudden cardiac arrest, and death.

What Are the Possible Charges and Penalties Associated with Cocaine?

Cocaine charges and penalties can depend on several factors:

  • Unlawful use of cocaine is a Level 2 drug misdemeanor that carries up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine of $50 to $750.
  • Simple possession is a Level 1 drug misdemeanor, punishable by six to 18 months in jail, $500 to $5,000 in fines, or both.
  • Sale or possession with intent to sell cocaine is charged as a felony. The degree of felony and penalties imposed can depend on the amount of the drug in your possession and other factors, such as sale to a minor. At the most serious degree, Level 1 felony cocaine charges can carry a prison sentence of eight to 32 years with a mandatory eight-year minimum and mandatory three years of parole, and potential fines of $5,000 to $1,000,000. Aggravated felony drug sentencing increases the mandatory minimum prison term to 12 years.

Are There Other Consequences of a Cocaine Conviction?

A felony cocaine conviction will leave you with a criminal record that can have a significant impact on your future. It can make it more difficult to get a job, limit your education and housing opportunities, and prevent you from getting a professional license or certification. You can lose your right to own a firearm. It can also impact your finances by making it more difficult to qualify for a loan.

What Are the Legal Defenses Against Cocaine Charges?

The legal defenses our Breckenridge cocaine defense lawyer will raise in your case will depend on the facts and circumstances. Common defenses include the following:

  • Your drug test results were unreliable.
  • You were not in control of the drug: You did not have personal or physical control over the cocaine.
  • You had no knowledge of the drug: Drug possession is only a crime when it is knowing and intentional.
  • You knew you were in possession of the substance but did not know it was cocaine.
  • Police performed illegal search and seizure: Your case may be dismissed if law enforcement did not have legal authority to search your home or property.

Call a Summit County cocaine defense attorney at Whitaker & Penix, LLC at (970) 368-0602 if you are facing serious charges.

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