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Defense Against Violent Crime Charges in Dillon

Criminal convictions can have harsh repercussions, such as prison time, hefty fines, and a stigmatizing social impact. They can harm employment prospects, housing options, and credit scores.

As the accused of a violent crime, it is imperative that you hire legal representation to protect your rights. In addition to evaluating your legal options, Whitaker & Penix, LLC can develop a powerful defense strategy and advocate on your behalf. Partner Kylie Whitaker has been recognized by Super Lawyers as one of Colorado’s 2023 Rising Stars for significant professional achievement and outstanding peer reviews.

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What Qualifies as a Violent Crime Under Colorado Law?

Typically, violent crimes encompass certain unlawful acts in which physical force, or the threat of such force was employed against another individual. Colorado designates the following offenses as violent crimes:

  • Homicide
  • Attempted homicide
  • Manslaughter
  • Battery
  • Arson
  • Sexual assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery
  • Automobile theft
  • Stalking
  • Domestic violence

How Can a Violent Crime Conviction Affect Your Life?

One of the objectives of the criminal justice system is to penalize criminal acts, thereby deterring prospective offenders. The law prescribes distinct penalties for criminal acts, including:

  • Incarceration
  • Monetary fines and restitution
  • Probation
  • Forfeiture of rights
  • Permanent criminal record

In addition to the legal consequences of a criminal conviction, committing a violent crime can detrimentally affect an individual’s social interactions. These negative effects can impair one’s prospects for important matters such as:

  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Access to education
  • Professional licensure
  • Immigration status
  • Child custody
  • Eligibility for government assistance

In essence, perpetrating a violent crime extends its repercussions to encroach upon an individual’s prospects and participation within society.

What Are Your Legal Rights as the Accused?

The criminal justice system was purposely designed to make securing a conviction challenging, given the high stakes involved. Accordingly, individuals accused of crimes enjoy certain rights guaranteed by the U.S. and Colorado constitutions and principles of fairness, including:

  • The accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty
  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to a fair and open trial
  • The right to cross-examine witnesses
  • The right to remain silent
  • The right to due process
  • The right to a speedy trial

These rights uphold a system that focuses on ensuring justice is served and that individuals are not oppressed by the state.

How Can a Dillon Criminal Lawyer Help You?

When it comes to dealing with charges for violent crimes, having a skilled Dillon criminal defense lawyer by your side is vital to securing a just criminal trial. An attorney not only has a sophisticated understanding of the law but also serves as a zealous advocate for your rights and best interests. A skilled lawyer can utilize the following tools to craft a comprehensive defense strategy:

  • Self-defense: If you used force to defend yourself in a dangerous situation, a lawyer can help establish that you were responding to the threat of imminent harm.
  • Defense of others: If you acted to protect someone from imminent harm, an attorney can present evidence to show that your conduct was justified to protect others.
  • Alibi: An attorney can gather evidence and witnesses to demonstrate that you were not at the scene of the crime when it was allegedly committed.
  • Mistaken identity: Your lawyer can challenge the credibility of witnesses to prove that you were mistakenly identified as the wrongdoer.
  • Insanity: A lawyer can present evidence that you lacked the mental capacity to fully understand the wrongful nature of your actions.
  • Due process: An attorney can point out that the accused’s rights were infringed upon, resulting in an unfair trial.

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We are committed to upholding our clients’ rights and cultivating the strongest possible defense. You can rely on our Dillon violent crime defense attorneys to develop the best possible strategy, custom-tailored to meet your needs.

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