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Everything you'd want from and expect in an attorney - knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, personable, and compassionate... all at reasonable rates.
- S. Barton
Ehren was knowledgeable and efficient handling my case. I believe he truly did his best, and got the best result possible.
- Juli C., Google Review
Excellent efficient service!
- Christof S., Google Review
Communication was outstanding and timely. Very helpful navigating the intricacies of the system. I would not hesitate to them again!
- Brad H., Google Review
Ehren was great to work with from beginning to end. Very thorough with expectations, high attention to detail, as well as great character and professionalism!
- Evan P., Google Review
Kylie was my first experience with a criminal lawyer and she could not have done a better job ! On top of getting my felony case dismissed she was very friendly and easy to talk too. If you are in the Summit County area I could not recommend anyone other than Kylie as she does everything she can for her clients.
- Philip O., Google Review
Ehren was very professional, went out of his way to assist with my case and very compassionate to my situation. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed a good lawyer.
- Heather K., Google Review
I was very satisfied with my experience. Made it very easy to understand. Great about staying in touch. All around a great job and I would recommend calling to anyone that is I need.
- Jeremy C., Google Review
I had the pleasure of being represented by Kylie in a case that ran from February 2022 - September. When I first consulted with Kylie, she walked me through all of my options and potential outcomes. She even made sure that I retroactively worked on action items ahead of them being designated so I always felt ahead of the wave and did everything I could to be proactive.

Kylie was extremely thorough, honest, kind, and responsive throughout the entire process. I could not recommend her services more.
- Billy M., Google Review
Mr. Penix provided prompt and helpful advice regarding a traffic citation received by my daughter. Highly recommend!
- Samantha S., Google Review
Very professional service , always available for any questions I had , very responsive on emails and any paperwork which needed to be completed. Helped me understand all my options available, explained in detail and clearly best action to take. Best in the business.
- John M., Google Review
I was fortunate to have Ehren Penix handle my traffic case in Park County. He provides superb communication, guidance and knowledge of the relevant statutes. His background experience was very evident. Highly recommended!
- John Q., Google Review
Kylie got my case dismissed! Kylie took the the time through all stages to help me understand the process as well as walking through the evidence and her thoughtful way of presenting the issue. She was excellent all the way through!
- Charles D., Google Review
Ive recently had to reach out to the law office Whitaker & Penix , LLC, for a DUI I received back in December and had the pleasure of being represented my Mr. Ehren Penix. I'm beyond happy with his services and highly recommend you reaching to him for anything you may need representation for.
- Adam F., Google Review
When a close associate of mine was in need of immediate legal representation, I called Mrs. Whitaker to see if she could be of assistance. Without batting an eye, Kylie immediately made several phone calls that same day to determine how she could assist, all without collecting a retainer upfront for her initial services. After my associate was formally retained by her firm, Kylie was able to resolve the matter within a couple of months, which could have easily taken any other attorney twice as long to accomplish. If you or a friend are searching for the right lawyer to handle your criminal case, I would look no further. Kylie is a true professional who has the experience and knowledge to handle your case effectively. Further, her calm demeanor is reassuring to those who are facing such restless situations. I highly recommend Mrs. Whitaker and this law firm.
- Ian M., Google Review
Absolutely FANTASTIC all around!!!

I only have the spectacular pleasure of living in the mountains part time. I needed Legal Help buying property from out of town.

Ehren came highly recommended by the former mayor of FairPlay - a long time family friend. He was able to orchestrate a complicated deed transfer that required the owners who were living abroad to sign certified paperwork.

He even helped out with water rights.

Everything went smoothly and I am so thankful that I found Ehren.
- PK D., Google Review
I reached out to Ehren on short notice (~1 week) before my court date and he was incredibly responsive and helpful in alleviating the stress that comes along with having to go court for any matter. He was knowledgable on all the steps I needed to take prior to my court date and helped me get a great plea deal. I hope to never need his services in the future but if I do, I will absolutely work with Ehren again.
- Alex P., Google Review
Ehren Penix was very helpful and patient with me as I navigated the legal system for the first time (after receiving a traffic ticket). When I first reached out, he gave me multiple solution options without charging me and then was very thorough, competent and efficient when I elected to receive his help. I never expected this would be so painless! I would recommend him to anyone.
- Ellen M., Google Review
Ehren is as professional and knowledgeable as there is. Highly recommended.
- Tony S., Google Review
We contacted Atty. Whitaker and she started on our case right away. Kylie stayed in close contact with us, and notified us anytime she had news. Atty. Whitaker got our CASE DISMISSED! We highly recommend Kylie Whitaker if you find yourself in need of her services!
- Christi S., Google Review
Ehren was incredibly helpful during my meeting with him. He was incredibly buttoned up and came dutifully prepared for our discussion. His calm, matter-of-fact style was great and I'd recommend him to anyone.
- Jay B., Google Review
Ehren was very helpful, he took a lot more time with me than I expected, he got back to me very quickly on things he needed to look into, he is very friendly and very easy to talk to. He seemed as though he really DID care about me and my situation.
- Carol M., Google Review
Kylie Whitaker is great to work with and I highly recommend her! She is very professional and responsive.
- Emily S., Google Review
Eren was an outstanding attorney. As an out of state driver, I was unfamiliar with the process and options for my traffic citation. Eren answered all of my questions and set the appropriate expectations. He was able to successfully negotiate a significant reduction in fines, eliminate jail time and no community service. Superb attorney - highly recommend!!!
- Jeremy T., Google Review
Highly recommended!! I was referred to Mr. Penix by the Park County D.A.'s office. I left a message and he returned my call within an hour. After discussing my issue he took the time to review all my information & had answers for me the same day!!! I will only call Mr. Penix from here on out. He's a lifesaver.
- Ashley N., Google Review
Ehren was very easy to work with and a great communicator, he made the whole process very understandable for a newbie.
- Esther T., Google Review
Kylie Whitaker at Whitaker & Penix was one of 13 attorneys I met prior to making a final decision. Given my type A personality I spent a considerable amount of time on deciding on appropriate counsel in CO, I decided to work with this firm because of her earnst and compassionate responses to all of my (many many) questions. She was very responsive and would respond to me quickly which is exactly what I needed! Aside from this firm's honest and earnst way, she was invested in getting to the right place for me in my case and knows the system well. It was very important for me to work with someone knowledgeable and very professional which is what Kylie followed through with from the moment I retained her until a good resolution for me was reach. I am not usually compelled to post reviews but I think when it comes to legal counsel its worth sharing my experience in case it helps someone else with their decision.
- Alexis Z., Google Review
Ehren did a great job. He had a lot of knowledge about the subject at hand, and also provided feedback in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him based on my experience.
- Anonymous., Google Review
I can’t sing Kylie’s praises high enough. I had a complex case that was being dragged out by my previous attorney and opposing counsel. I hired Kylie and she was able to get it resolved in a couple of months, with the outcome I was looking for. Hope I don’t need legal services in the future, but if I do, I will be using Kylie.
- Jeff H., Google Review
Kylie Whitaker is the absolute best attorney I've ever had the pleasure to be represented by. Immediately I felt completely understood and put at ease that she was the perfect person to help me. She took the time to thoughtfully listen, understand my situation, and thoroughly explain all legal avenues to me. She also completely went to bat for me and in my opinion, went above and beyond to obtain the best outcome possible. I would work with her and recommend her a million times over!
- Francesca P., Google Review
Kylie is amazing and great at her job! She was a pleasure to work with and made the entire process of drafting and signing a prenuptial agreement very easy and quick. She is extremely knowledgable and kind. She was great with communication and truly made the experience as seamless as possible. I would recommend her to anyone in need of any type of family law work done.
- Cameron D., Google Review
Ehren was awesome to work a with. Had answers to all my questions and was very on top of my case. I don’t plan on needing legal services again, but if I did I would call Ehren again right away!
- Stephen D., Google Review
If you're in Summit County and you need legal representation! You should call Kylie! I felt that she worked hard for my case and took time to explain what she did, why she would do it and what the best course of action is. She always responded promptly to my calls the day of- 5 stars!
- Skyler A. , Google Review
Whitaker & Penix, LLC was very helpful to me. Kylie is friendly and professional. She was able to answer all of my questions with quick response. I would highly recommend Whitaker & Penix, LLC to anyone in need of an attorney.
- Austin P., Google Review
Kylie was very professional and very personable. Listened to all I had to say, understood her audience, and knows the system. She kept me informed every step, and was available when needed. Strongly suggest working with her and her team!!
- Eric S. , Google Review
Approached Mr. Ehren Penix based on excellent google reviews for an out-of-state traffic ticket. Mr. Ehren Penix was very responsive from Day 1 and helped greatly with:
- getting the charges reduced
- was very knowledgeable with the local laws and regulations
- was very responsive for all emails and calls
- the payment was very reasonable to the efforts and time he had to spend in taking care of the ticket

He was very transparent and detailed with all the next steps and instructions and was a pleasure to work with.

I would highly recommend Mr.Ehren to anyone looking for an attorney in CO
- Madhusudhanan S., Google Review
Kylie was awesome. We had to evict out tenant for lack of multiple payments she got us through this mess. She was great and walked me through my bad tenant experience. I would highly recommend her.
- Kris H., Google Review
Very helpful and polite. Highly recommended.
- Norm B., Google Review
Mr. Penix is incredibly knowledgeable about all areas of his practice. I wouldn't trust any other attorney to handle my case.
- Adam C., Google Review
Personable and very easy to work with!
- Jake L., Google Review
The firm is eager to help, understanding of your situation, and realizes that not everything happens between 9 and 5.
- Nicholas G., Google Review
Ehren Penix is truly a professional who actually cares about his clients. He helped us out of a seemingly no win situation over a stupid mistake. If you ever need an attorney, you couldn't do better than Ehren. As an attorney, he's incredibly intelligent and as a person, he's incredibly kind.. thanks aren't enough - highly recommended!
- S. O'Connor
He cares about his clients and their cases. I am an attorney in another state, and every time I have a client with an issue in Colorado, I turn to him. His knowledge and experience make him an excellent litigator. I'd trust him to take any case for me or my family.
- C. Johnson
Ehren was absolutely amazing at handling our sticky legal case. He was extremely professional, efficient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Ehren and his law firm for any legal issues you may be facing.
- M. Lamb
Mr Penix was professional, communicative and always returned calls promptly. His advice was based on knowledge and experience, which proved to be very beneficial. The outcome in my case was better than expected. I could not have been more pleased. I highly recommend him.
- K. Kellenberger
I highly recommend Mr. Penix. If anybody can help, he can.
- D. Nelson
Mr. Ehren not only saved me a trip to Colorado from eastern Iowa, he also got my traffic ticket greatly reduced by his knowledgeable handling of my case. His rates are quite reasonable as well, and I would gladly recommend him!
- E. Beachy